Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pointing the Way

 I know we are barely into fall, but I look at this "arrow" and say, "It's pointing to spring!"
 Winter is barely a hop, and then spring is back, right?

 Some nightshade berries looking tantalizing, but poisonous.

 Some high-bush cranberries that the birds will eat over the next while.

 The sun shining through some ninebark leaves.

 More nightshade making a lacy pattern over the rock.
The little chipmunks and squirrels are very busy these days carrying the hickory nuts to special places. The chipmunks are not as nervous as they should be for survival.  They are very cute and often stop to look at you as they gather dry leaves or seeds for their burrows.  We have some brush piles that they are cozy in. I'm hoping they won't be eating some new crocuses I planted.


  1. Yep, after the deep sleep it's spring again!! (But I do like winter, I admit.)

  2. Very pretty and interesting plants. I love the verified.