Friday, July 3, 2015

Viper's Bugloss

 Viper's Bugloss is a plant that grows wild in North America and Europe.  It has wonderful blue flowers with pink stamens, and its  stem has purple spots and many small prickles.
Viper's Bugloss usually grows in a sunny location where the soil is well-drained, say the gravelly edge of a road. It forms a basal rosette and sends up several flowering stalks.  Because it's unlike any other native flower, it's easy to identify.
Bees, butterflies and other pollinators like to visit the blue flowers.
For some really great up-close photos of it, Google "Viper's Bugloss" and open the article titled "A Close-up View of the Strange Flower - Viper's Bugloss".

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  1. I love these flowers.I keep meaning to stop and take a photo of them. Thanks for the closeups!