Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cardinal Flower and Fancy Daylily

The Cardinal Flower is native to southeastern Canada and northeastern USA, and usually grows beside streams.  I have never seen it in the wild, but I have grown it as a garden plant.  Sometimes you see it in the garden centres, or you can buy seeds and start them yourself.  I like it because it is such a vibrant red.
 Officially, it is a perennial , but I've never been able to get it to last more than one winter.  Frustrating as it makes basal rosettes so it would get bigger every year if it didn't die.  I started some plants this year from seed, and I'm hoping that if I give them good protection this winter that they will survive.
This is some fancy variety of daylily(can't remember the name) that I bought from Veseys a few years ago. I had it in a different spot that probably didn't get enough sun because it never bloomed.  Finally this year, after moving it last fall to a sunnier location, it has bloomed.  Quite pretty, but I think I will stick to the more dependable rebloomers in the future.

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