Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Has Arrived

 What a difference a week makes!  Most of the ground is bare now and today is about 20C.  The snowdrops have opened up and a few honeybees came for some nectar.  I also saw a fly but I guess I don't need to feature it in a picture. Lots of birds singing and geese flying overhead.

 Ornamental onions are attractive when they first sprout with their maroon collars and tips.  The hardy cyclamen always looks fresh and strong in the early spring.  In the heat of summer, it will die back and then re-sprout in the fall.

 The chipmunks are such attractive little fellows (and misses). This one is cleaning up the mess the squirrels made under the bird feeder.  The squirrels figured out how to get into the metal garbage can I was storing the seed in .
Beautiful markings.


  1. Wow! I cannot believe the difference! It is a strange thing for me to get my head around as our climate is so very different.
    I adore the little chipmunk, what a cutie. A lovely photo of it too.