Monday, April 21, 2014

It's a Beginning

Crocuses are always such a welcome sight in early spring.  I particularly like these Pickwick ones with their distinctive stripes.

 The snow crocuses are a little earlier and smaller than the regular crocuses.  Usually they are solid purple, deep yellow, or white.

 This little scilla got some extra heat from the terra cotta planter behind it so it is ahead of the other ones in the garden.  Scillas happily self-sow around brightening up new spots every year.

 I recently read that the cup shape of crocuses focuses the sun's heat making it easier for the pollinating insects to stay warm.   A couple of ant-like insects are sampling the crocus today.

 Yellow snow crocuses with attractive dark stripes on the outside of the petals.


  1. My scilla just don't want to grow. You gave me some seeds a while back and nothing happened. Kinda drives me crazy when I see whole lawns covered with them...and I can't seem to grow them. Sad!

  2. Always good to see the crocus making a show, though ours have finished by now. My mother's garden, which I look after for her, is adorned with more crocuses every year, often popping up in unexpected places.