Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tractor Fun

I am not someone who likes machines or motorized whatevers.  I would rather sweep with a broom than vacuum, stir cookie dough by hand rather than use a mixer (don't actually  have a mixer), add numbers with a pencil rather than use a calculator, screw in a screw with a screwdriver rather than a drill.But I am thrilled with our new little tractor, especially with the loader and the backhoe.
I was so surprised that I enjoyed working the backhoe so much.  It is strangely soothing to use the hydraulic levers to manipulate it.  Who would have thought?!  Certainly not me.
My husband, who is on the tractor, is good with things that go so I expected him to like it, but I have never felt so pleased to work with a machine as I have with this little orange tractor.
We got the tractor primarily to deal with the snow.  In fact, today the tractor man came and removed
the loader and backhoe and put a snowblower on the front. We are anxiously awaiting the first snow
fall ,which could be next week or not for several weeks, so we can try out the snowblower.
We will find all kinds of excuses next summer to move dirt around and to dig random holes, I'm sure.  I could even use the backhoe to dig up perennials if I want to move them.


  1. We LOVE our new Kubota and yes, it is SO much fun!!! Yours looks great.

  2. Oh I want one of those. There is so much I could do on my own.