Thursday, November 28, 2013

Snowy Lines

 Winter has arrived. Yesterday, we got about 8" of wet snow.  Today, the temperature has dropped to about -10C and the snow is crunchy.  The surface is pitted because the snow on the trees fell off when the snow was still soft.

 Time for a quick walk in the bush.  I thought trees were supposed to be vertical...

As I walked around, I kept finding trees making shapes,

 and designs.  The snow highlights the branches.

 A naturally made rail fence.

A winged tree.


  1. Snow already - I wonder where you are. We just have the arctic wind cutting through our layers here in Suffolk.

    1. We're in eastern Ontario between Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa. This is pretty normal for us here.

  2. I have had snow for over 2 weeks now and today got another few inches. Suppose to be clear and very cold this week. You woods look alot like mine. I so love walking right now in the forests everything looks so different.