Sunday, March 17, 2013

Late Winter Trees

 Some people think of Manitoba maples as a weed tree because they grow so fast and break easily, but I love their great spreading branches and curvy lines.

 I believe this is an ash tree as they tend to grow with a long trunk and branch out quite high up.  We used to have several ash trees on our property but they died relatively young (40 years old or so) perhaps because they were stressed when we had a couple of dry summers.  This was before the emerald ash borer was of concern.

 I don't know if this lichen is harming the young maple, but it is very attractive to look at.  I like the random yellow dots that you can see if you look closely.

 Poplars are sometimes viewed as junk trees because they die young and the wood isn't very good for burning, but the dead trunks make good nesting sites for little birds after the woodpeckers have excavated some holes.  This one has three holes , a triplex, I guess.

At this time of year, the cedars take on a yellowish tinge.  Maybe they are slightly dessicated from the dry winter air.  Soon they will be a lush green again.                                                                                                                                                                                           

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  1. A lovely reminder of the importance of trees - even the ones that most people consider weeds. When my husband and I bought our property, there were no trees - just a bald expanse of grass. Now, 20yrs later, the place is covered with trees, every one of which I treasure, even the junk ones. Like you said, they have a use for birds and animals, even if they don't seem to have a use for people.