Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring

 First day of spring.  We got about 25 cm of snow yesterday so we are still definitely very snowy.  We never had much of a melt this winter so the snow has really been accumulating - 2-3' deep.  Today, the sun is shining and it's about 0C without wind so it's actually pretty lovely out there.

March is always very unpredictable.  Last year at this time, the snowdrops were blooming and bees were feeding on coltsfoot.

But regardless of what March brings, I am always planting onions by the end of April.
I'd rather have the clean, sparkly snow for a little longer than have an extended time of bare ground before it's warm enough to garden.  The snow cover protects the perennials and keeps the fruit trees from budding too soon.  The farmers will be happy with the moisture that all this snow will leave in their fields. If they get decent drying weather in June, the hay crop should be excellent.


  1. Happy Spring snow storm Jenny! We got less snow than this, but it kept on coming. We had Thunder Snow which felt and sounded really odd in the middle of the quiet night. Beautiful photos!

  2. It's very pretty but it sure does NOT look like spring! :)

  3. First day of spring? OOPS! Mother Nature was a tad mixed up. :)) Truth be told, it's more like winter here too but I hear spring...the REAL spring...will be here soon.