Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Welcome

All's quiet on the home front.  Our two little grandsons went home yesterday with their mom and dad and two dogs.  We managed to get through the holidays with no people needing emergency medical care for illnesses or injury, but our son's dog escaped yesterday and was bitten by the neighbour's dog so we had an emergency visit to the vet.  The dog is sore but ok - nothing that a bit of time and drugs won't fix.
We had snow before Christmas and then got about a foot on the 27th, so there was plenty of snow for the grandsons to play in with their grown -up(?) uncles. The little boys had wild rides on a plastic sled, built a snowman and dug out a snow fort in a snowbank. Of course, all that hard work meant that they needed hot chocolate and marshmallows when they came inside.
I did some major  purging of old posts so that I can put up photos again.  Really didn't like Wordpress. 

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  1. I didn't like Wordpress either. I started another blog on it but ditched it.