Monday, December 31, 2012

Trees in Snow

 Without the varied colours of summer, the winter landscape is about light, shapes, shadows and lines.
Click on photo for full size.

 Dog paths create cliffs that reflect the light.

Hollows form on the leeward side of the tree trunks.


  1. These are such beautiful trees, Jenny, coupled lovingly with snow. I spoke too soon on being able to post again. Today I cannot seem to post a photo...not an option from the computer. I wonder if Blogger changed again, or if I am back over my quota. Yesterday it looked like we have a yearly I thought we were starting over. Any ideas? I really love this post, but don't post this comment if you want to just respond on my page. Two things here! Gin

  2. Jenny, I had to go to HTML to add my photo, but it worked, then switched back to compose. Photos aren't the best for tomorrow, but they need to be there.