Sunday, September 30, 2018

Without a Frost -late season flowers

Because we haven't had a frost yet, many of the flowers are still blooming. The pink shrub rose rebloomed a couple of weeks ago and the hibiscus will bloom until frost. Here's hoping it will survive the winter.

 Hostas usually bloom earlier in the summer but they will send up flower stalks later in the season if the weather is warm enough.  The purple flowers are, I think, an annual verbascum. They have bloomed all summer in the mixed pot that they came in.
 Japanese anemones are so cheerful with their green centers surrounded by bright yellow stamens. White ones are common and hardy, but they also come in pink some of which have double petals.
 Japanese anemones like a bright location but don't like to bake in hot summer sun so some afternoon shade works well. If they like a location too much, they can become invasive especially in warmer climates but where I am in zone 4, they are well behaved.
Dahlias are great for late season blooms. I like this lemony yellow one with big flowers.

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