Thursday, March 22, 2018

Magenta in March

 Although we are getting nice sunny days, the air is still chilly and we have a fair bit of snow on the ground.  No gardening any time soon. So I went to the Home and Garden Show in Ottawa to see if there was anything good in the garden part. I was seriously underwhelmed. One (!) small booth selling plants, and  a few pathetic hard-scaping designs with the odd plant stuck in for a little greenery was it for the garden part.Anyway I bought this pretty bougainvillae to cheer me up. It is only hardy to zone 10 so I will have to bring it inside for the winter, but the vendor said that they are fine with neglect in the dormant period and will perk up again in the spring.  Worth a try anyway. I've never had a bougainvillae.
The orchid's blooms popped open yesterday. It will keep blooming for several weeks. I'm still watering it with distilled water and giving it a light feeding of liquid fertilizer.

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