Friday, January 5, 2018

New Year, New Socks

After a happy Christmas spent visiting with the kids and grandkids, my husband and I came down with colds. So we've been staying cosy in the house, drinking hot drinks and eating soup. The weather's also been pretty cold so that has encouraged us to stay inside. Now we are finally almost over it - it was just a cold.
I thought I would share a picture of my colourful, cheerful new socks that I received as gifts. The two longer pairs are wonderful ski  (not that I ski anymore) socks that are a blend of synthetic fibers and wool. Although they are lightweight, they are super warm, stretchy and comfortable. They will get special care - no time in the dryer. The other socks are special for their designs. They will make me smile when I put them on in the morning and throughout the day when I catch a glimpse of them.
Happy feet, happy heart.

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