Sunday, December 10, 2017

Afghan squares

I've started knitting some squares to put together as a patchwork afghan.  Each colour will have a different stitch pattern. I'm enjoying doing the 6" squares rather than knitting the afghan in one piece. Each square seems like a completed project in and of itself. I'm learning new stitch patterns as well and that's interesting. When I'm knitting with a particular recipient in mind, as I am in this case, the added pleasure is that I think of them every time I work on the project.


  1. I remember my mother knitting squares like these for blankets for a charity. Unfortunately she had the habit of putting the squares in various places about the house, so each time she sewed them together we found odd ones turning up in unexpected places. Nothing for it but to start another blanket. An unending project!

  2. It's going to make a beautiful blanket.