Friday, May 12, 2017

Trilliums and Tulips

It wouldn't be May without a picture of a trillium.
I was happily surprised to see how good last year's drought was for the tulips.  This bunch has doubled in blooming flowers over last year. Tulips often don't rebloom in our climate because our summers are too wet for them.  They like a dry summer.
 More tulips blooming for, I think,  a third year.
The cowslip primula is blooming now, and a more purpley eliator one is just starting to open although the redder ones have been open for a week.
 Trillium and brunnera.
We have had cool, wet weather the last week or so - actually had a few snowflakes- so the daffodils are lasting for along time.
A red trillium.
It was a beautiful sunny warm day today and I got some veggies planted in the garden. And the bean I started inside has been put in a large pot outside. I am still hoping for beans in June.

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  1. wow your garden looks so lovely, so many nice things growing there.