Saturday, December 17, 2016


Years ago I did lots of Christmas baking. The kids helped, too.  I often bought a magazine that featured Christmas cookies and other goodies, and we would decide what yummy stuff we would make. The kitchen would turn into a disaster zone as we listened to Christmas music and made our masterpieces.  Some of the baking was used as gifts, the rest we enjoyed over the holidays.

Now the kids have all moved on, and my husband and I don't really need the extra calories of Christmas cookies so I have given up the Christmas bake-fest - except for shortbread.  It's such a simple cookie but, oh so, delicious. I will probably make some extra and tuck it into the freezer so I can have a little piece in the depth of winter when I need a treat.

For the first time since we've been married, we won't spend Christmas at home.  We are going to our daughter's home where everyone will get together.  This year we have three new additions - a new granddaughter, a new daughter -in-law, and a new significant other for our other son.

I'm looking forward to being a guest, instead of a host.  Just a little more wrapping to do and I'll be ready.   Right now I am listening to the podcast of the CBC sing-in that happened in Montreal last week.  Lovely music.

I hope you  have special moments over the holidays, and if it is a sad time this year, I hope you have happy memories of other years.

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  1. Like you, Jenny, I used to bake and cook throughout the Christmas period for my lovely boys but am training myself to make it easier now and just buy in what we need. Your shortbread looks delicious though, so I might be tempted to try baking some!

    We get it both ways this Christmas as we go to my son and daughter-in-law in London for a pre-Christmas celebration, then back here to Suffolk for another family get together in our home as three steps and one of my sons are joining us this year for Christmas. It's all change as they become adults which is nice but a little sad too. Happy Christmas x