Monday, October 3, 2016

Vines and Leaves

 Here we are in October and there is still a lot of green around. 
Some Virginia creeper has made berries.  The red stems really set the blue berries off nicely.
The Virginia creeper is not as brilliant as it can be - quite dull in most places, actually.

Here and there, a bit of brighter colour shows up.
Grape vines and Virginia creeper are turning some trees and bushes into leafy mounds.
Grape vines are falling out of sumac which is also not as colourful as normal at this time of year.
An old barn makes a good support for vines.
 Here's another one. Soon it will be all covered except for the roof.
Spots of bright colour stand out against the green leaves and the blue sky.
A good frost often makes the colour more dramatic and we haven't had a hard frost yet.  I can't say that I am minding the pleasant weather, though. The cold will be here soon enough.

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  1. The barn covered with the vines is beautiful. Temperatures are going down here too, but we still have lots of sun and it´s very dry. Wonder if we will get any frost coming winter, after two almost frostless years.