Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Wonder of Seeds

I've been starting seeds for a long time.  I know I started a bean plant in Gr. 5, but it's very possible that wasn't my first sprouting endeavour.  I have started little seeds and big seeds, easy seeds and hard seeds, I have started lots and lots of seeds.  But I never get over the wow  of those seemingly inert seeds turn into some green growing plant.  It is just so amazing!  The other fascinating thing about seeds is that you can't tell what a plant will look like just by the appearance of the seed.  For instance, in the photo there are four different small roundish dark seeds.  What do they produce? primula, hyssop, cabbage and basil. Hardly similar plants.  The white fuzzy seeds are the seeds of everlasting flower that has dry papery flowers.  In the upper left are two dark seeds that are similar in shape to two lighter seeds.  The dark seeds are for statice, another kind of flower with papery blooms, and the lighter seeds are for lettuce.  The funny shaped seed in the bottom right will make scabiosa (pincushion flower).
Tired of all the bad news in the news?  Start some seeds and let the wow refresh you. 


  1. Wow indeed! You can start spring early, indoors.

  2. Seeds truly are amazing and planting a few is a good way to forget - at least temporarily - some of the world's bad news.