Monday, January 19, 2015

Blue Monday?

Somebody came up with the idea that the Monday of the last full week of January was the most depressing day of the year.  Not when you get a new Veseys  catalogue in the mail!The cover features a lovely pink veronica. I don't have a suitable place for that, but it is very pretty.
Let's look at some other plants inside-

A striking Siberian iris "Shaker's Prayer" is on my maybe list.  I do have a good spot for that.

 I know there are SO many hostas around, but I did like the way the lighter part of these leaves pops forward making each leaf look like a smaller leaf was lying on a larger, darker one.

 Another eye-catching hosta ("Humpback Whale")that not only is very blue, but grows to be very large.  Both hostas are tempting, but do I really need to buy another hosta or two when I can keep dividing the ones I have?
Some questions are never resolved.

Another pretty Siberian iris which is on the maybe list.

In the bargain section, I found "Pardon Me" daylily which I have been wanting for a while so I will likely buy it.  I already have two "David" phlox but they really are a superior plant so maybe I will get one more.  At $5, it's pretty cheap.
Veseys has a very good on-line catalogue ( if you don't get a hard-copy one.  Also at the end of the season, they have an on-line sale of the left-over items usually for 50% off. That's always worth checking out.
Happy dreaming!

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