Saturday, November 1, 2014

Lazy Girl Gardening

 Some of the last few tomatoes I picked a couple of days ago.

 I wanted to turn this weedy patch of ground into a grassy area. My usual modus operandi for sites like is to mulch over with newspapers and put soil on top.  First, I cut any shrubby stuff down to ground level and pull up any tall weeds that want to come out.  Then, I put down a layer of newspapers 6 - 10 sheets thick right on top of the weeds.  Finally, I dump on composted manure or other topsoil aiming for a depth of about 4".

 Here's the same spot about 1 1/2 hours later.  The soil is only 2" deep but I'll put on more  another day.  In the spring, it will be ready for seeding.

 This is a little patch of |Brunnera that I put in at the end of |August in the area next to the newly mulched one, using the same newspaper technique.  The transplants have already rooted well and have put out quite a bit of new growth.  The "growing on the top" method is good for lots of vigorous, shallow rooted plants like Brunnera, beebalm, rudbeckia, hostas, daylilies, etc., but isn't suitable for plants that need good soil to a deeper depth like roses, or delphiniums. I have used it with phlox but those plants need topdressing every year to keep them growing well.


  1. I'll vouch for that method Jenny. It works well for me too.

  2. I have all of my pots at waist level. Too hard to get down on the ground with my spine. I love the bowl of tomatoes. Those will ripen up nicely!

  3. I'm amazed how long your growing season was this year!