Thursday, October 17, 2013

Horse Patterns

 The palomino mare is the mother of the brown and white paint, but she is keeping an eye on the black and white paint these days, too.
"This hay is very comfy to lie on...

 ...and the sun just makes me all floppy.  Just can't keep my head up."

 A happy trio.

The black and white paint still has his flashy two-tone tail.  I guess it's permanent.
This afternoon the little ones whinnied at us as we walked by, and ran over to the gate to greet us.  I guess they were expecting treats. The mare followed them and accepted some pats as a substitute for treats.  The black and white fellow also had a few pats, but the younger brown and white filly was still shy.


  1. I love when I see horses, but we don't often now that we have moved into the city. Fun post Jenny.

  2. Such beautiful horses. We always referred to "paints" as "Gypsy horses" since the travelling community were so fond of them.