Friday, July 26, 2013

Parting Shots - St. Lawrence River

The layered rocky cliffs on the Canadian side of the river rise quite high above the water, but on the American side the land is almost level with the water.

Great chunks of rock providing an interesting interplay of light and shadow.

 It's quite amazing how trees can grow on these rocky islands that have so little soil.  Usually it is evergreens that have fairly shallow roots, but sometimes you see some hardwoods that must have found a deep crack in the rock where they could send down a root.

 There were two men who were purposefully swimming in the river - this one going upstream, and another man going downstream.  Either way, you would need to be a strong, confident swimmer to swim any distance in the river as there is a strong current.  They were both fairly close to shore which seemed like a wise idea.

 I like the lime green sparse grass carpeting this rock.

 Some of the little islands are barely above the surface of the water.  Boaters would have to be on the look-out at all times to avoid them.  In the spring, they could potentially be just below the surface which would be even more dangerous.

A last look to the west of the beautiful St. Lawrence river.


  1. Very attractive pictures.
    I cannot figure out what section of the St-Lawrence it is. The pictures with smooth rocks remind me of Lake Superior where I was last week and where you see lots of these beautiful rocks.

    1. This is the St-Lawrence near Brockville, ON. The previous posts have other pictures of the area. Thanks for visiting the blog.

  2. Idyllic!! Ahhh, what a place to spend summer. The other weekend, I was boating on the St. Lawrence, all the way up to Morrisburg.