Sunday, April 8, 2012

River Road

A pleasant little river with a few ducks.

I was recently asked by someone if we had Netflix or something similar.  We don't and we don't have satellite either .  She asked if I watched much TV.  Well, most of the time we only get one channel.  So, no, we don't watch much TV.  On a cold, clear night , we probably will also get PBS from Watertown, NY,  but if it's too warm, or cloudy, or worse, rainy, PBS won't come in.  I can sometimes stream shows from TVO on the computer, but that's only if the computer is pulling in a high enough speed (our computer speed is extremely erratic). It makes me smile that in this day of IPads and IClouds and all kinds of other technological marvels that, while I live within 1 1/2 hours drive of two major cities, I can only reliably pull in one TV station . Years ago, we could count on a good picture on probably 4 channels, and a bad picture on a few others. So actually, we have gone backwards.  Never mind, I have my trusty books - not ebooks or audiobooks - just plain old paper books.  Their batteries never run out, or their speed run down, and they are never affected by bad weather.  Three cheers for REAL BOOKS!!!


  1. Wonderful ~ I agree! Lovely blog; I've just found you, and am now following ~ ♥♥

  2. I totally agree and I am an enthusiastic purchaser of secondhand books, charity shops etc. It is great to ponder over previous readers.