Monday, February 27, 2012

Nature Designs

Interesting designs on a maple tree.  I would imagine that the markings indicate a viral or fungal disease of the tree, but they are an intriguing pattern.

The lichen adds texture and a decorative element.

The red thorns of the hawthorn bush contrast very nicely with the pale stems.  New red buds at the intersection of the thorn and branch are ready to open out as soon as the days get warm.

The branches of the thornbush make an intricate, spiky interplay.


  1. I won't comment on the thornbush because I have just had some spiky interplay with a blackthorn hedge, while I was digging, in the vegetable garden! However, I really do like those markings and the lichen on the maple tree. Beautiful nature.

    1. Sorry to hear you got poked by a blackthorn hedge. The thorns can be pretty nasty.

  2. I agree with Elaine about the markings on the maple. They have the appearance of lace and filigree. Lovely!