Friday, November 4, 2011

Late Season Berries

Here are some berries I spied the other day. These red berries are found on the false Solomon seal plants that are native to our area.

The blue berries are found on the blue cohosh plant that is native to our woods. Looks like a blueberry, but not edible.

These bright berries are peeking through the fronds of my asparagus plants. Asparagus has male and female plants, and only the female plants make berries.

Have a good weekend everybody. We are expected to have more sun. What a treat to have sun in November.


  1. You've stolen my thunder, but that's okay, I was just looking at an asparagas bush the other day, thinking -- there's got to be a blog there somewhere -- and see there was, just not mine.

    I've seen those blue berries in the bush before - you said not edible - are they just tasteless or poisonous?

  2. As far as I know, the blue cohosh berries are poisonous.