Thursday, July 14, 2011

Japanese Iris

I planted some Japanese Iris down by the ditch a couple of years ago and now they are starting to spread a little bit. This one has a double set of petals.
This pretty iris is Berry Gold , a hybrid from Dominion Seeds. I believe it is a cross between a Siberian iris and a Japanese iris. The leaves are almost yellow which contrasts really nicely with the purple. It is also planted in the damp soil by the ditch with some other Siberian iris which aren't blooming for some strange reason.
This Japanese iris is similar to the Berry Gold but it's bigger, deeper purple and, as it matures, the veining in the falls becomes more distinct.
Another Japanese iris with double petals. It flopped over after the rain so I had to hold it to get a picture. The purple veining is very attractive.

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