Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gypsy Horses

Often at Christmas, we get a jigsaw puzzle to work on over the holidays. This year I picked out one that had this beautiful picture of Gypsy Vanner horses on it. A poster of the picture was included with the puzzle which was a nice bonus. I really like the Gypsy horses with their feathery legs and round bodies. They are pretty much a scaled down version of a work horse but they have more energy and are suitable as riding as well as driving horses. They have only been available in North America for about 15 years but they have been used by the gypsies in Europe for a long time. They can be a solid colour but the black and white piebald colouring is particularly popular. The horses in this pic are yearlings and they are having fun, running and nipping at each other as they play.

I was given Susan Boyle's book, "The Woman Who I was Born to be" and I found it a great read. She is so down to earth and unpretentious. She has had her challenges along the way - she suffered some brain damage when she was born and as a result has some learning disabilities that made school and work difficult. She has loved music all her life and grew up in a musical family. When she was young, she had a big crush on Donny Osmond, and one of the special thrills of her new life was that she actually got to meet him. Her faith in God is very important to her and has been her refuge when life has been overwhelming. It sounds like she has been able to assemble a good group of people around her to support her new career, and she is excited to be getting professional singing lessons that are allowing her to improve her voice. I was also given her Christmas CD "The Gift" which has some really nice songs on it.

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